SPL Robocup Soccer (2008)

UT Austin Villa is a RoboCup team from the University of Texas at Austin that competes in the Standard Platform League of RoboCup. RoboCup is an international robot soccer competition, and in the Standard Platform League, all the teams use identical Aldebaran Nao robots, making it mainly a software competition.

Recently, we claimed first place at Robocup 2012 in Mexico City. We were also the Robocup US Open Champions in 2009, 2010, and 2012, and we finished 3rd at Robocup 2010 in Singapore.

For more information, check out our team website. To see videos of our team in action, take a look at our YouTube page. A short highlight film from our recent championship in Mexico City can be seen here, and a longer film can be seen here.

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Todd Hester Postdoctoral Alumni todd [at] cs utexas edu
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