Creating Diversity in Ensembles Using Artificial Data (2004)
The diversity of an ensemble of classifiers is known to be an important factor in determining its generalization error. We present a new method for generating ensembles, DECORATE (Diverse Ensemble Creation by Oppositional Relabeling of Artificial Training Examples), that directly constructs diverse hypotheses using additional artificially-constructed training examples. The technique is a simple, general meta-learner that can use any strong learner as a base classifier to build diverse committees. Experimental results using decision-tree induction as a base learner demonstrate that this approach consistently achieves higher predictive accuracy than the base classifier, Bagging and Random Forests. DECORATE also obtains higher accuracy than Boosting on small training sets, and achieves comparable performance on larger training sets.
Journal of Information Fusion: Special Issue on Diversity in Multi Classifier Systems, Vol. 6, 1 (2004), pp. 99-111.

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