Chandrajit Bajaj

Fairing texture coordinates while the geometry is fixed. The second and third figures are the fairing results after 1 and 4 iterations. The figures appear in Anisotropic Diffusion of Surfaces and Functions on Surfaces, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 22, 1, (2003), 4-32.
Architecture of Icosahedral Viruses. The figures appear in Geometric Modeling and Quantitative Visualization of Virus Ultrastructure, Modeling Biology: Structures, Behaviors, Evolution, Edited L. da Fontoura Costa and M. Laublichler, MIT Press, 2005.
Above images show Fat surfaces constructed by the contours of trivariate functions defined as prism scaffolds. In the H-direction, a hierarchical representation of the scaffold is constructed.
Above images show adaptive feature of the reconstruction. The flat parts use less patches than the curved parts. Shoes images show capture detailed structures.