Chandrajit Bajaj
Left image shows a volume rendering of a 3D image of the abdominal region applied 2D transfer function.

Additional images for Radiation Therapy
Links to Movies: CTA, Visible Human (Movie 1) (Movie 2) (Movie 3)

Current Projects
Angstrom Angstrom studies multiresolution geometric data structures and computational mathematics algorithms that are essential for a wide range of molecular structure determination, energetics, interactions, and simulations.
NeuroModeling NeuroModeling Understanding the fundamental relationship between neuron structure and function has long been an important goal in neuroscience. At all scales of analysis, the roles that geometric shapes and spatial interrelationships play in determining the functional abilities and constraints on brain activity are of paramount consideration.
Spectre Spectre Develops smart data science techniques including spectral prediction optimization with provable guarantees, using geometric and statistical data processing.
Past projects can be found here.