Chandrajit Bajaj



TexMol is a molecular visualization and computation package. It allows for quick and high quality visualization of Proteins and RNA, and reads in the PDB format.

  • Open source software for rendering large molecule data sets.
  • Written in C++, with a QT front end. The same code should work on multiple platforms, including Windows and Linux.
  • Reads molecular structures in PDB and PQR formats.
  • Produces high quality images using High end graphics cards functionalities.
  • Volume rendering and calculation of electron density, hydrophobicity functions.
  • Wireframe and smooth shaded isosurfaces.
  • Computes metrics including curvatures, surface areas and volumes.
  • Provides programmers with a simple and yet powerful hierarchical data structure of the molecules, with various torsion angles calculated.
  • Multiple views and multiple data set rendering.
TexMol provides a user interface to a number of CVC software packages including F2Dock (protein docking), MolSurf (molecular surfaces), MolEnergy (molecular energetics), and Pockets/Tunnel Extraction. TexMol utilizes the DPG data structure to efficiently process large molecules.


C. Bajaj, P. Djeu, V. Siddavanahalli, A. Thane
TexMol: Interactive Visual Exploration of Large Flexible Multi-component Molecular Complexes
Proc. of the Annual IEEE Visualization Conference, October 2004, Austin, Texas, IEEE Computer Society Press, pp. 243-250. (pdf)

Download Source packages are delivered on demand upon explicit request.

Software Usage

See the TexMol User Guide for documentation.