Xiangru Huang
Ph.D. (Fall 2016-Fall 2020)

B.S., Shanghai Jiaotong University, ACM Class

Next Stop: Postdoc at MIT.

Zaiwei Zhang
Ph.D. candidate (Fall 2016-Summer 2021)

B.S., ECE@Purdue

Next Stop: Scientist at AWS AI.

Current Group

Qixing Huang
Principal Investigator

Ph.D., Stanford;
B.E., Tsinghua

Zhenpei Yang
Ph.D. Candidate (Fall 2016-current)

B.E., Tsinghua University, Department of Automation

Yifan Sun
Ph.D. Candidate (Fall 2017-current)

B.E., Tsinghua University, Yao Class

Zhenxiao Liang
Ph.D. Student (Fall 2018-current)

B.E., Tsinghua University, Yao Class

Song Chen
Ph.D. Student (Fall 2019-current)

B.S., Simon Fraser University and Zhejiang University (Dual Program), Computer Science

Bo Sun
Ph.D. Student (Fall 2019-current)

B.S., Peking University, Department of Physics

Siming Yan
Ph.D. Student (Fall 2019-current)

B.E., Peking University, Computer Science

Haitao Yang
Ph.D. Student (Fall 2019-current)

B.E., Tsinghua University, Department of Electrical Engineering

In addition, our group has also hosted several wonderful undergraduate, master and visiting students, please refer to the CV of Dr. Qixing Huang for more details.