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Broadcasting Presentations with VNC

Sometimes there is a need to broadcast talk slides to a remote audience member in real time, e.g., to an outside co-author during a conference talk rehearsal, or to an external committee member for an oral proposal or a thesis defense. While it is possible to email the slides in advance and say something like "click" on every slide change, this limits the use of animations and is overall cumbersome (and may lead to much confusion if cliques of graphs are mentioned in the talk many times).

Below is one way to broadcast the slides in real time using VNC. It assumes that the presentation is delivered from a laptop running Windows XP (see below on how to do this on a Mac). One also needs a Linux box on the UTCS network as "a proxy".

On the UTCS Linux box:

In the conference room:

You could also try to set up a direct connection to the laptop from outside (by running TightVNC server on the laptop and adding a client), but in the past we've had trouble with this approach if the outside computer is a Windows box with a dynamic IP behind a firewall. Although the setup described above requires the extra steps with the Linux box, so far it's been foolproof.

To do this on a Mac, running Mac OS X, follow Misha's instructions above, except that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th bullet from the "In the conference room" section above are replaced by the following bullets:

Last Update: Oct 25, 2005 by Misha Bilenko