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Equation Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 Equation (int cols, bool infinite)
void set_initial_value (int c, data_type d)
size_t compute_hash_d ()
size_t compute_hash_i ()
void make_infinite ()
Equationclone ()
void divide (bignum b)
 Equation (int cols)
void set_proof ()
void unset_proof ()
bool is_proof ()
bignum compute_gcd (bool skip_last=false)
int get_cols ()
bool satisfies (vector< bigfraction > &a)
bigfraction evaluate (vector< bigfraction > &a)
void set (int c, const bignum b)
void flip_sign ()
void flip_sign (int c)
bignum get (int c)
size_t hash_code ()
int num_entries ()
string to_string ()
bool operator== (Equation &other)
bool operator< (Equation &other)
bool operator!= (Equation &other)

Public Attributes

int cols
bool infinite
bool proof


class slack_matrix
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const Equation &obj)

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