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minisat::Solver Class Reference

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struct  VarFilter
struct  VarOrderLt

Public Types

enum  { polarity_true = 0, polarity_false = 1, polarity_user = 2, polarity_rnd = 3 }

Public Member Functions

Var newVar (bool polarity=true, bool dvar=true)
void reserveVars (int num_vars)
bool addClause (vec< Lit > &ps)
bool simplify ()
bool solve (const vec< Lit > &assumps)
bool solve ()
bool okay () const
void setPolarity (Var v, bool b)
void setDecisionVar (Var v, bool b)
lbool value (Var x) const
lbool value (Lit p) const
lbool modelValue (Lit p) const
int nAssigns () const
int nClauses () const
int nLearnts () const
int nVars () const
void insertVarOrder (Var x)
Lit pickBranchLit (int polarity_mode, double random_var_freq)
void newDecisionLevel ()
void uncheckedEnqueue (Lit p, Clause *from=NULL)
bool enqueue (Lit p, Clause *from=NULL)
Clausepropagate ()
void cancelUntil (int level)
void analyze (Clause *confl, vec< Lit > &out_learnt, int &out_btlevel)
void analyzeFinal (Lit p, vec< Lit > &out_conflict)
bool litRedundant (Lit p, uint32_t abstract_levels)
lbool search (int nof_conflicts, int nof_learnts)
void reduceDB ()
void removeSatisfied (vec< Clause * > &cs)
void varDecayActivity ()
void varBumpActivity (Var v)
void claDecayActivity ()
void claBumpActivity (Clause &c)
void attachClause (Clause &c)
void detachClause (Clause &c)
void removeClause (Clause &c)
bool locked (const Clause &c) const
bool satisfied (const Clause &c) const
int decisionLevel () const
uint32_t abstractLevel (Var x) const
double progressEstimate () const
void printLit (Lit l)
template<class C >
void printClause (const C &c)
void verifyModel ()
void checkLiteralCount ()
string clause_to_string (Clause &c)

Static Public Member Functions

static double drand (double &seed)
static int irand (double &seed, int size)

Public Attributes

vec< lboolmodel
vec< Litconflict
double var_decay
double clause_decay
double random_var_freq
int restart_first
double restart_inc
double learntsize_factor
double learntsize_inc
bool expensive_ccmin
int polarity_mode
int verbosity
uint64_t starts
uint64_t decisions
uint64_t rnd_decisions
uint64_t propagations
uint64_t conflicts
uint64_t clauses_literals
uint64_t learnts_literals
uint64_t max_literals
uint64_t tot_literals
bool ok
vec< Clause * > clauses
vec< Clause * > learnts
double cla_inc
vec< double > activity
double var_inc
vec< vec< Clause * > > watches
vec< char > assigns
vec< char > polarity
vec< char > decision_var
vec< Littrail
vec< int > trail_lim
vec< Clause * > reason
vec< int > level
int qhead
int simpDB_assigns
int64_t simpDB_props
vec< Litassumptions
Heap< VarOrderLtorder_heap
double random_seed
double progress_estimate
bool remove_satisfied
vec< char > seen
vec< Litanalyze_stack
vec< Litanalyze_toclear
vec< Litadd_tmp


class SkeletonSolver
class VarFilter

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