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slack_matrix Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 slack_matrix (Matrix &m)
 slack_matrix (slack_matrix &m)
bignum get (int r, int c)
bignum get_objective_coefficient (int c)
bignum get_objective_constant ()
void set_objective_coefficient (int c, bignum val)
vector< string > & get_orig_vars ()
void set (int r, int c, bignum e)
int num_constraints ()
int num_variables ()
int num_actual_vars ()
int get_actual_index (int slack_index)
int get_slack_index (int actual_index)
bool is_actual_var (int index)
bool is_slack_var (int index)
bool is_primed_var (int index)
int get_principal_var (int index)
bignum get_constant (int r)
void set_constant (int r, int val)
int get_pivot (int r)
void set_pivot (int r, int pivot)
void multiply_row (int r, bignum factor)
void pivot (int r, int c)
string get_name (int c)
string to_string ()
int get_first_positive_index_obj_fun_row ()


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const slack_matrix &obj)

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