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Vijay Chidambaram

Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science,
The University of Texas at Austin

Office: GDC 6.436,
2317 Speedway,
Austin, TX 78712

Email: vijayc@utexas.edu
Twitter: @vj_chidambaram
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I lead the UT Systems and Storage Lab. I am also a part of the LASR research group.

Research. My group aims to build the next generation of storage systems. This means building storage systems that have higher performance and stronger reliability. We build both storage systems and the tools need to develop such systems rigorously, such as testing frameworks. Our work involves innovation both at the data-structure level and at the systems level. We open-source all the software we build, and aim to have impact both inside academia and in industry.

Recent major projects:

  • MONet. Framework for reducing memory consumption of DNN training. Star
  • SplitFS. File system for persistent memory which reduces software overhead. SOSP 2019. Star
  • RECIPE. Concurrent, crash-consistent persistent-memory indexes. SOSP 2019. Star
  • Crashmonkey and Ace. Tools to systematically test file-system crash consistency. OSDI 2018 Star
  • PebblesDB. Write-optimized key-value store that outperforms LevelDB and RocksDB. SOSP 2017 Star

Current projects:

  • Removing storage bottlenecks in training deep-learning models (Jayashree Mohan)
  • Decreasing memory consumption for CNN models (Aashaka Shah)
  • Building a high-performance persistent-memory key-value store (Soujanya Ponnapalli)
  • Improving performance of persistent-memory applications and file systems (Rohan Kadekodi)
  • Building data structures on dis-aggregated persistent memory (Sekwon Lee)
  • Finding bugs in persistent memory file systems (Hayley LeBlanc)
  • Verifying Linux kernel file systems (Hayley LeBlanc)

Recent impact:

  • Crashmonkey-generated tests have been added to xfstests, the file-system test suite for the Linux kernel (msg, patch)
  • Crashmonkey found 10 long-standing bugs in btrfs and F2FS in the Linux kernel.
  • Crashmonkey found a bug in the FSCQ verified file system which caused the file system to not persist data on fdatasync. The bug was in the unverified part of the file system (Haskell-C bindings).
  • The techniques behind PebblesDB are being used in the storage product of a major IT company.

My research is supported by NSF, the BigHPC consortium, VMware, and Google. I am an Affiliated Researcher at VMware Research.

Student Recruiting: I do not look at GRE scores when recruiting students. Letters and research experience are the biggest factors for me. I generally interview students (remotely), and that is the strongest signal of whether I would work with them. If you are applying to UTCS to work with me, you don't need to take the GRE for Fall 2021 PhD admissions. I am not recruiting MS students.




Fall 2020: Virtualization (CS 360V), Advanced OS Online Masters Course

Spring 2020: Distributed Systems (CS 380D), Advanced OS Online Masters Course

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Dec 2020: My blog post on "Why We Should Include One-Shot Revision in our Review Process" has appeared on the SIGARCH blog and SIOPGS blog!

Aug 2020: I will be co-chairing SYSTOR 2021 with Prof. Danny Raz!

Aug 2020: I'm giving one of the keynote talks at ApSys 20!

Mar 2020: My blog post on "The Changing World of Storage" has appeared on the SIGARCH blog!

Feb 2020: Our work on GDPRbench has been accepted to VLDB 2020! Congratulations to Supreeth and the team!

Feb 2020: SplitFS has been selected as one of the finalists for the "Memorable Paper" Award at the 11th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop!

Jan 2020: I will be serving as a contributor to the SIGARCH blog for 2020!

Jan 2020: Rohan and Se Kwon will be presenting SplitFS and RECIPE at the 11th Annual Non-Volatile Memories Workshop!

Dec 2019: I will be co-chairing HotStorage 2020 with Anirudh Badam! Send us your best work!

Nov 2019: Baris Kasikci and I will serving as editors for the SIGOPS Blog. Contact us if you would like to contribute an article!

Older News

Recent Publications (All)

Memory Optimization for Deep Networks
Aashaka Shah, Chao-Yuan Wu, Jayashree Mohan, Vijay Chidambaram, Philipp Krähenbühl
ICLR 2021
ArXiV Draft

Analyzing and Mitigating Data Stalls in DNN Training
Jayashree Mohan, Amar Phanishayee, Ashish Raniwala, Vijay Chidambaram
VLDB 2021

CheckFreq: Frequent, Fine-Grained DNN Checkpointing
Jayashree Mohan, Amar Phanishayee, Vijay Chidambaram
FAST 2021

SplinterDB: Closing the Bandwidth Gap for NVMe Key-Value Stores
Alex Conway, Abhishek Gupta, Vijay Chidambaram, Martin Farach-Colton, Richard Spillane, Amy Tai, Rob Johnson
ATC 2020
PDF  Bibtex  Slides  Video 

Understanding and Benchmarking the Impact of GDPR on Database Systems
Supreeth Shastri, Vinay Banakar, Melissa Wasserman, Arun Kumar, Vijay Chidambaram
VLDB 2020
PDF  ArXiV version  Slides  Bibtex  Website  Star Fork

SplitFS: Reducing Software Overhead in File Systems for Persistent Memory
Rohan Kadekodi, Se Kwon Lee, Sanidhya Kashyap, Taesoo Kim, Aasheesh Kolli, Vijay Chidambaram
SOSP 2019
PDF   Bibtex   Slides   Extended Version (arXiv)   Blog post   Star Fork

RECIPE : Converting Concurrent DRAM Indexes to Persistent-Memory Indexes
Se Kwon Lee, Jayashree Mohan, Sanidhya Kashyap, Taesoo Kim, Vijay Chidambaram
SOSP 2019
PDF   Bibtex   Slides   Extended Version (arXiv)   Star Fork

Full List of Publications   Google Scholar

Work in Progress

Scalable and Efficient Data Authentication for Decentralized Systems
Soujanya Ponnapalli, Aashaka Shah, Souvik Banerjee, Vijay Chidambaram, Dahlia Malkhi, Michael Wei
ArXiV Draft

Blog Posts

Why We Should Include One-Shot Revision in our Review Process
SIGARCH Blog, SIGOPS Blog Dec 2020

The Changing World of Storage
SIGARCH Blog, March 2020


Oct 2020. Will be talking about bootstrapping a research group at the New Faculty Symposium at ISSRE 2020!

Aug 2020. Gave one of keynote talks at the 11th ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems. Checkout the video and slides.

Mar 2020. Keynote at The First International Workshop on Distributed Ubiquitous Computing: Systems, Applications, and Networking (DUCSAN 2020).

Jan 2020. Presented CrashMonkey at VMware's Tech Talk Series.

Nov 2019. Presented our work on GDPR at Vmware.

Apr 2019. Presented PebblesDB at Micron, Austin.

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Organizational Roles

Reviewing Roles

PC Member for:

2021: FAST, APOCS, ASPLOS, Eurosys
2017: ACM SRC (with SOSP), SOCC, MASCOTS, MSST, HotStorage, NVMW, WWW
2016: HotStorage, NVMW

External Reviewer/Review Committee Member for ASPLOS 20, ASPLOS 18, ASPLOS 17, Eurosys 17
Reviewer for TOCS, TACO, TDSC, TOS

NSF Panelist in 2018


  • Best Paper Award at ATC 2018
  • Best Paper Award at FAST 2018
  • NSF CAREER Award 2018
  • Best Poster Award at ApSys 2017
  • Best Paper Award at FAST 2017
  • ACM SIGOPS Dennis M. Ritchie Dissertation Award 2016
  • Microsoft Research Graduate Fellowship 2014
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Alumni Scholarship 2009

Awards won by members of research group

  • Jayashree Mohan: Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship 2019
  • Ashlie Martinez: CRA Best Undergraduate Researcher 2018
  • Ashlie Martinez: UT Austin Dean's Honored Graduate 2018
  • Ashlie Martinez: UT Austin Aspire Research Excellence Award 2018


If you are a student considering grad school or applying for grad school, these links may be useful (advice on contacting profs, getting letters of recommendation, etc.)

I run the Systems Slack, a forum for profs, students, post-docs, and industry to discuss ideas related to systems research and practice.

I started and help maintain the Computer Science Research Tales (CSRTales) blog, where we present the backstories behind CS research projects.

I maintain the SOSP/OSDI Hall of Fame. This page indicates who has published the most at these premier venues, and who has been publishing recently. These are good guides for grad students trying to decide which professor to work with!