Former Doctoral Students of Vladimir Lifschitz

Neelakantan Kartha (Dissertation: A Mathematical Investigation of Reasoning about Actions, 1995)

Norman McCain (Dissertation: Causality in Commonsense Reasoning about Actions, 1997)

Hudson Turner (Dissertation: Causal Action Theories and Satisfiability Planning, 1998)

Esra Erdem (Dissertation: Theory and Applications of Answer Set Programming, 2002)

Joohyung Lee (Dissertation: Automated Reasoning about Actions, 2005)

Paolo Ferraris (Dissertation: Expressiveness of Answer Set Languages, 2007)

Selim Erdogan (Dissertation: A Library of General-Purpose Action Descriptions, 2008)

Wanwan Ren (Dissertation: A Modular Language For Describing Actions, 2009)

Yuliya Lierler (Dissertation: SAT-Based Answer Set Programming, 2010)

Fangkai Yang (Dissertation: Representing Actions in Logic-Based Languages, 2014)

Amelia Harrison (Dissertation: Formal Methods for Answer Set Programming, 2017)

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