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Realizing the Fault-Tolerance Promise of Cloud Storage Using Locks with Intent
Srinath Setty, Chunzhi Su, Jacob R. Lorch, Lidong Zhou, Hao Chen, Parveen Patel, and Jinglei Ren
In OSDI 2016 - bibtex
High Performance Packet Processing with FlexNIC
Antoine Kaufmann, Simon Peter, Naveen Kr. Sharma, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Thomas Anderson
In ASPLOS 2016 - pdf :: bibtex
Musketeer: all for one, one for all in data processing systems
Ionel Gog, Malte Schwarzkopf, Natacha Crooks, Matthew P. Grosvenor, Allen Clement, and Steven Hand
In EuroSys 2015 - bibtex
End-to-end Performance Isolation through Virtual Datacenters
Sebastian Angel, Hitesh Ballani, Thomas Karagiannis, Greg OShea, and Eno Thereska
In OSDI 2014 - bibtex
Enabling Physical Analytics in Retail Stores Using Smart Glasses
Swati Rallapalli, Aishwarya Ganesan, Krishna Chintalapudi, Venkat Padmanabhan, and Lili Qiu
In MobiCom 2014 - bibtex
Robust Network Compressive Sensing
Yi-Chao Chen, Lili Qiu, Yin Zhang, Zhenxian Hu, and Guangtao Xue
In MobiCom 2014 - bibtex
Double Auctions for Dynamic Spectrum Allocation
Wei Dong, Swati Rallapalli, Rittwik Jana , Lili Qiu, K. K. Ramakrishnan, and Yin Zhang
In INFOCOM 2014 - bibtex
Bolt: Data Management for Connected Homes
Trinabh Gupta, Rayman Preet Singh, Amar Phanishayee, Jaeyeon Jung, and Ratul Mahajan
In NSDI 2014 - pdf :: slides :: bibtex
Towards a storage system for connected homes
Trinabh Gupta, Amar Phanishayee, Jaeyeon Jung, and Ratul Mahajan
In LADIS 2013 - pdf :: bibtex
iDEAL: Incentivized Dynamic Cellular Offloading via Auctions
Wei Dong, Swati Rallapalli, Rittwik Jana, Lili Qiu, K.K. Ramakrishnan, Leo Razoumov, Yin Zhang, and Tae Won Cho
In INFOCOM 2013 - pdf :: bibtex
GPUfs: Integrating a File System with GPUs
Mark Silberstein, Bryan Ford, Idit Keidar, and Emmett Witchel
In ASPLOS 2013 - pdf :: bibtex