Greg Plaxton

Current and Former PhD Students

Current PhD student: Chi-Kit Lam

Onur Domanic, Unit-Demand Auctions: Fast Algorithms for Special Cases and a Connection to Stable Marriage with Indifferences, PhD, August 2017.

Chinmayi Krishnappa, Unit-Demand Auctions: Bridging Theory and Practice, PhD, December 2011.

Ned Dimitrov, Coping with Dynamic Membership, Selfishness, and Incomplete Information: Applications of Probabilistic Analysis and Game Theory, PhD, May 2008.

Mitul Tiwari, Algorithms for Distributed Caching and Aggregation, PhD, December 2007.

Yu Sun, Reconfigurable Resource Scheduling, PhD, August 2007.

Xiaozhou Li, Ranch: A Dynamic Network Topology, PhD, August 2004.

Ramgopal Mettu, Approximation Algorithms for NP-Hard Clustering Problems, PhD, August 2002.

Madhukar Korupolu, Algorithms for Hierarchical Cooperative Caching and Other Location Problems, PhD, August 1999.

Rajmohan Rajaraman, Sharing Resources in Distributed Systems, PhD, December 1997.

Torsten Suel, Routing and Sorting on Fixed Topologies, PhD, December 1994.

Sanjoy K. Baruah, The Uni-Processor Scheduling of Sporadic Real-Time Tasks, PhD, May 1993. Co-supervised by Al Mok.