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Here is an old midterm in Word and PDF format to give you an idea of what your midterm will be like. Here is a suggested solution (pdf format) to the old midterm.

Here is an old end of term exam to give you an idea of what in class exam 2 will be like. Word format or PDF format


CS 320n - Visual Programming
University of Texas at Austin


April 24: Assignment 9 has been posted.

April 15: Assignment 8 has been posted.

April 1: Assignment 7 has been posted.

March 23: Assignment 6 has been posted.

March 9: Assignment 5 has been posted.

February 25: Assignment 4 has been posted.

February 11: Assignment 3 has been posted.

February 6: Assignment 2 has been posted.

January 28: Office hours for the term. Mike's (instructor) office hours will be MWF in ENS 1/2. I can also take questions after class. Sumit's (TA) office hours will be Tuesdays and Thursday from 12:30 - 2 pm in PAI 5.38, the regular classroom.

Assignment 1 has been posted.

January 16: Welcome to the homepage for CS320n - Visual Programming. The goal of this course is to learn to use visual or graphical programming environments to write computer programs. We will use two tools, Alice and LabVIEW, extensively through out the course.

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