Motion capture: record whole-body movements


Active marker based motion capture system

Project: Leif’s, Gabe’s

Location: GDC lab

HiBall-3100 Tracker

Wide area motion tracking system

Projects: Matt’s, Sariel’s

Location: SEA lab

Motion Shadow

IMU-based tetherless full-body motion capture system

Projects: Jon’s

Head-mounted display for VR - nVisor SX111

Wide field-of-view immersive VR display

Projects: Matt’s, Sariel’s

Location: SEA lab

Oculus Rift DKII

Light-weight, affordable VR display with built-in position tracking

Location: SEA lab

Eye trackers

Arrington Research - ViewPoint EyeTracker

Eye-tracker attached to our nVisor SX111 HMD for eye-tracking in VR environments

Location: SEA lab

Positive Science - UltraFlex

Video-based monocular tetherless mobile eye tracker

Location: SEA lab

SR Research - Eyelink II

Video-based tethered eye tracker for screen-based experiments

Location: SEA lab

SMI - HMD upgrade

Eye tracking upgrade package to Oculus Rift DKII

Location: SEA lab