Schedule for Monday, April 18

9:15am: Welcome

9:30am: Invited Talk

  • Megacore Open Sourced!
    David Wentzlaff (Princeton University)

10:30am: Coffee Break

11:00am: Session 1: Multicore processing
Session Chair: Chris Rossbach, VMware and UT Austin

12:30pm: Lunch

14:00pm: Session 2: Rack-scale Computing
Session Chair: Boris Grot, University of Edinburgh

15:10pm: Coffee Break

15:40pm: Panel: The End of Moore's Law and its Effects Across the System Stack
Moderator: Boris Grot, University of Edinburgh

  • Paolo Costa (Microsoft Research)
  • Dushyanth Narayanan (Microsoft Research)
  • Timothy Roscoe (ETH Zurich)
  • David Wentzlaff (Princeton University)

17pm: Close