Teaching Plans

Below is a list of courses that the CS Department plans to offer in the current and upcoming semesters. We will add new semesters when their offerings are confirmed. The following information is for reference only and is subject to change. Please consult the online Course Schedule for official information and details, including class times and locations.

2014 - 2015 Academic Year
Course Title Fall 2014 Spring 2015 Fall 2015
195 Conference Course X
195 Practicum in Computer Science Applications X
295 Conference Course X
380C Compilers X x
380D Distributed Computing X x
380L Advanced operating systems X
380P Parallel Systems
380S Theory and Practice of Secure Systems
383C Numerical Analysis: Linear Algebra X x
383D Numerical Analysis: Int/App/Quad/Diff Equations
384G Computer Graphics X X x
384R Geometric Modl & Visualization X
386C Dependable Computing Systems X
386L Programming Languages X
386M Communication Networks X
386W Wireless Networking X x
386P Advanced Networking Protocols
388 Natural Language Processing X
388C Combinatorics and Graph Theory X
388G Algorithms: Technique & Theory X x
388H Cryptography X x
388L Intro to Mathematical Logic X
388M Communication Complexity X
388P Parallel Algorithms
388S Formal Semantics & Verification X
389R Recursion and Induction I X X
391L Machine Learning



392F Automated Software Design X x
394N Neural Networks X x
394R Reinforcement Learning: Theory & Practice
395 Conference Course X X
395T Comp Stat Appl To Bioinfmatics X
395T Formal Microprocessing Specification
395T Graphical Models X x
395T Human Computation/Crowdsourcing X
395T Automated Logical Reasoning X X x
395T Visual Recognition




395T Advanced Image Synthesis
395T Algorithmic Game Theory X x
395T Applied Natural Language Processing X X
395T Coding Theory X
395T Crowdsourcing: Theor/Meth/Apps X
395T Cyber-physical Systems
395T Learning Theory x
395T Object Recognition
395T Parallel Algorithms Scientific Comp X
395T Programming Transformation/Analysis Tools
395T The Semantic Web, Ontologies & Cloud Databases X
395T Software Multicore Processors
395T Statistical & Discrete Methods for Sci Comp
395T Topics in Multicore Programming
395T Topics in Computer Science X
395T Computing Cryptographic data X
395T Concepts of Info Retrieval X
395T Intro to Cognitive Science X
395T Phyl Sim & Animation Compb Graphics X
395T Scalable Machine Learning X x
395T Sublinear Algorithms X
396M Advanced Networking Protocols X
398T Supervised Teaching in Computer Sciences X x
399R Dissertation X
399W Dissertation X X
698A Thesis X
698B Thesis X
699R Dissertation X X
699W Dissertation X X
999R Dissertation X
999W Dissertation X