SDIMS: A Scalable Distributed Information Management System

The goal of the Scalable Distributed Information Management System (SDIMS) project is to develop a "distributed operating systems control plane" that will serve as the backbone for a large-scale distributed services. SDIMS aggregates information about large-scale networked systems to provide detailed views of nearby information and rare events and summary views of common, global information.

To serve as a basic building block, a SDIMS should have four properties: scalability to many nodes and attributes, flexibility to accommodate a broad range of applications, support administrative autonomy and isolation, and robustness to node failures and disconnections. To meet these goals, or SDIMS system (1) uses techniques from Distributed Hash Table (DHT) literature to create scalable aggregation trees, (2) provides flexibility through a simple API that lets applications control propagation of reads and writes, (3) provides autonomy and isolation through simple augmentations of current DHT algorithms, and (4) is robust to node and network reconfigurations through lazy reaggregation, on-demand reaggregation, and tunable spatial replication.

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