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(0) EWDs complementing the book, E.W.Dijkstra and C.S.Scholten, Predicate Calculus and Program Semantics, 1990. This list contains addenda, corrections etc. that might be of interest to readers of the book. Not included are the EWDs that make up the book, which are easily found in the copyright notices.

EWD1109, EWD1184, EWD1219, EWD1138, EWD1096, EWD1086, EWD1064, EWD1010

(1) Mathematical Methodology. There is a series of EWDs marked "Mathematical Methodology". [ I (DM) have no further information on this; perhaps they were planned to become a book ... ? In any case I wanted to read this material and thus collected their EWD numbers. It's no problem to find these papers, as they all have (Mathematical Methodology) after their title.]

EWD1059, EWD1063, EWD1067, EWD1068, EWD1070, EWD1078, EWD1090, EWD1091, EWD1094

(2) EWDs linked by mostly explicit reference ("see ...", "correction to ...", etc.) either in the title or in the text. These references are, by their very nature, mostly unidirectional, so this list might be especially helpful for readers of an EWD that's referred to in another EWD. It may also be useful to those who print an EWD for (relaxed, off screen) studying so they'll know what else they should print or take with them. [The latter is the reason I (DM) note these links on my printed EWDs.] They are definitely incomplete, and EWDs below 700 are not covered at all.

EWD1153, EWD1064
EWD1025, EWD1015
EWD1049, EWD1016
EWD1041a, EWD697
, EWD945
EWD1099, EWD1105
EWD1103, EWD1115,EWD1236
EWD1107, EWD1125
EWD1112, EWD1119
EWD1121, EWD1039
EWD1123, EWD1160
EWD1133, EWD1048
EWD1140, EWD1171, EWD1199
EWD1141, EWD1143, EWD1144
EWD1147, EWD1117, EWD1116, EWD1118
EWD1154, EWD1155, EWD1155a
EWD1192, EWD1218
EWD1226, EWD1221b
EWD1228, EWD1016
EWD1240a, EWD1263
EWD1241, EWD1254, EWD1079, EWD1295
EWD1247, EWD1249
EWD1307, EWD766
EWD1308, EWD249
EWD1311, EWD1251, EWD1045
EWD734, EWD703
EWD740, EWD742
EWD755, EWD756
EWD765, EWD767
EWD834, EWD955
EWD842, EWD843
EWD874, EWD884
EWD859, EWD860
EWD894, EWD955
EWD902, EWD822
EWD932, EWD932b, EWD937, EWD939
EWD955, EWD834, EWD894, EWD957
EWD977, EWD978
EWD981, EWD979
EWD984, EWD770
EWD998, EWD840
EWD1047, EWD1089
EWD1069, EWD1071a

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