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Introduction to Computer Graphics

Computer Science Department

University of Texas at Austin

FALL   2001

Instructor's Assist.
Chandrajit Bajaj Patricia Baxter Hua  Xiang
ACES 2.324A ACES 2.324 
471-8870 471-8870  
Office hours
M, W 1:30pm - 3:30pm   Tue, Th 2:30 - 4:30pm, Linux lab. (Taylor Basement)


Recommended Book

"Interactive Computer Graphics" by Foley, van Dam, Feiner and Hughes, Addison-Wesley, 2nd ed,


  1. The four programming assignments, each of equal weight, have a programming part (80%) and a written part (20%). The programming part will be graded on corrections (50%), efficiency (20%), programming style (15%) and elegance of user interface (10%). In addition, creativity and superior rendering effects will be rewarded (5%).
  2. Each programming assignment should be completed on time. To allow for unforeseeable circumstances you will be allowed 5 days grace during the semester. You can either be late 5 days on one assignment, or 4 days on one and one day on another, etc.. Beyond this, late turn ins will be penalized by 5% of the value per day they are late.
  3. The final grade will be compiled from the midterm exam (15%) , final exam (25%), 4 programming assignments (60%).
CS 354 Course Outline

This course provides a top down and stepwise refinement introduction to computer graphics as well as lays the foundation for a graduate course in computer graphics and data visualization. There is a choice of both breadth and depth in the intertwined topics of graphic, computational geometry, geometric modeling and data visualization.

List of Lectures
August 29  Course Description; Rendering pipeline, Graphics Programming, Rasterization
September  5 Clipping and Intersection (Project 1 posted)
September 10 Geometric Spaces, Operations and Transformations
September  12 Viewing Systems I: Projections
September  17 Viewing Systems II: Perspective Mapping 
September  19 Viewing Systems III: Orientation and Quaternions(Project 2 posted)
September  24  Navigation/Exploration(Project 1 due)
October   1 Object Representations I (shape, coordinates, equations) 
October   3 Object Representations II (implicit/parametric/splines)
October  8 Object Representations III (recursive subdivision)
October  10 Midterm Review (Questions)(Project 3 posted) Midterm Review (Answers)
October   15 Midterm in class (Project 2 due)
October   17 Color, Light, Photorealism   
October  22 lIumination I (Models)
October  24 Illumination II (Reflection, Shading)
October  29 Illumination III(Radiosity)
October  31 Illumination IV (Form Factors)(Project 4 posted)
November 5 Visibility Algorithms I: Depth Sort (Project 3 due)
November 7 Visibility Algorithms II: Partitioning Trees
November  12 Visibility AlgorithmsIII:Ray Tracing
November  14 Image Processing: Anti-aliasing
November 19 Image Processing: Compositing  
November  21 Bumps and Textures
November  26 Animation I
November  28 Animation II (Project 4 due)
December  3 Animation III Finals Review Ques
December  5 Finals Review Answers
December  ? Final Exam