CS395T: Autonomous Robots -- Resources

CS395T: Autonomous Robots -- Resources

Week 0 (9/1): Class Overview

  • Slides from 9/1: (pdf). The ones on RoboCup (pdf).

  • Week 1 (9/6,9/8): Open-R

  • Nate's slide from 9/6: (pdf). I also showed some slides from lecture 2 of the 2003 class at CMU.

  • Week 2 (9/13,9/15): Movement

  • Slides on the joint modeling paper from 9/13: (pdf).
  • I also showed some slides on Aibo motion from a 2004 class at CMU: (pdf)
  • Some debugging tips.

  • Week 3 (9/20,9/22): Movement

  • Slides on Nate's learned walk: (pdf)
  • A reference on Nelder-Mead (aka Amoeba). another.
  • A reference on Powell's method

  • Week 4 (9/27,9/29): Vision

  • Slides on vision from 9/27: (ppt).
  • I also showed some slides on Aibo vision from a 2004 class at CMU: (pdf)
  • The videos shown in class:
  • Raw video
  • Segmented video
  • Segmented video over raw video
  • Vision objects video

  • Week 5 (10/4,10/6): Vision

    Week 6 (10/11,10/13): Localization

    Week 7 (10/18,10/20): Behavior

    Week 8 (10/25,10/27): Behavior

    Week 9 (11/1,11/3): Behavior Architectures

  • Some slides on planning (ps).
  • Slides from CMU on behavior (pdf).
  • Slides from Ben Kuipers on behavior languages (ppt); on the 3T architecture (ppt); and on potential fields (ppt).
  • Slides on action selection using value functions (ps.gz).
  • A journal article with more details on the initial subsumption implementation:
    Brooks, R. A. "A Robust Layered Control System for a Mobile Robot", IEEE Journal of Robotics and Automation, Vol. 2, No. 1, March 1986, pp. 1423; also MIT AI Memo 864, September 1985. The detail slides from that article.
  • A radio interview with Rodney Brooks.
  • A journal article extending subsumption to multi-robot systems:
    Designing and Understanding Adaptive Group Behavior. (citeseer link)
    Maja J Mataric.
    Adaptive Behavior 4:1, Dec 1995, 51-80.
  • Intelligence without Robots (A Reply to Brooks) by Oren Etzioni. AI Magazine, 14(4), December 1993.
  • Pengo
  • Structured Control for Autonomous Robots.
    Reid Simmons.
    IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, 10:1, pp. 34-43, February 1994.
  • Two papers on the potential field approach: Borenstein, 1991; Konolige, 2000
  • The paper on an architecture for action selection using value functions that was applied in simulated soccer. The accompanying slides.

  • Week 10 (11/8,11/10): Control

  • Slides from Ben Kuipers on control (ppt, pdf); on dynamical systems (ppt, pdf); and on control problems/solutions (ppt, pdf).
  • A good PID tutorial with some illustrative graphs.
  • Ben Kuipers' qualitative reasoning page.

  • Week 11 (11/15,11/17): Kalman Filters

  • Slides from Ben Kuipers on observers (ppt, pdf); on Kalman filters (ppt, pdf); and on landmark-based localization (ppt, pdf).
  • More detials from Welch and Bishop
  • Another Kalman filter example (thanks to Manish)
  • A paper from Newcastle on Kalman filters for localization in RoboCup
  • Another RoboCup application (see Section 2.3).
  • An application of EKF within the millibots project.
  • A paper about the unscented Kalman Filter(UKF) and how it improves upon the EKF for estimation of non-linear systems.

  • Week 12 (11/22): Applications

  • Slides on continuous area sweeping (pdf)
  • Bentivegna's page with videos.
  • Andrew Ng's robot videos.
  • A U. of Tokyo robot standing up
  • Videos of continuous area sweeping.
  • PEGASUS: A policy search method for large MDPs and POMDPs, Andrew Y. Ng and Michael Jordan. In Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, Proceedings of the Sixteenth Conference, 2000.

  • Week 13 (11/29, 12/1): Multi-Robot Systems

  • Slides on PTS domains, locker-room agreements (ps)
  • I also showed some slides on multi-robot behavior from a 2004 class at CMU: (pdf)
  • Sven Koenig's Ant Robotics page, including a video from the paper.

  • Week 14 (12/6, 12/8): Ethics/Project Demos

  • Some writings on the singularity: a resesarch institute, and Ray Kurzweil's page.
  • Jordan Pollack's GOLEM project: evolving physical robots.
  • Daniel Wilson's Robot Uprising book.

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