Formal Methods in
Computer-Aided Design
30 Oct - 2 Nov, 2018
University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Student Forum Program

Time Authors Title Poster & Presentation
10:15–10:16 Thomas Pani, Georg Weissenbacher and Florian Zuleger Rely-Guarantee Reasoning for Automated Bound Analysis of Concurrent, Shared-Memory Program Poster / Slides
10:17–10:18 Bjørnar Luteberget On synthesis and optimization of railway signalling and interlocking designs Poster / Slides
10:19–10:20 David Narváez A Formally Verified Symmetry Breaking Tool for SAT Poster / Slides
10:21–10:22 Yi Chou Run-time Assurance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using Stochastic Modeling and Reachability Analysis Poster / Slides
10:23–10:24 Souradeep Dutta Verification of Deep Neural Networks Poster / Slides
10:25–10:26 Makai Mann and Clark Barrett Finding Critical Clauses in SMT-based Hardware Verification Poster / Slides
10:27–10:28 Hari Govind Vediramana Krishnan Prioritizing Lemmas While Pushing Poster / Slides
10:29–10:30 Li Huang and Eun-Young Kan SMT-based Probabilistic Analysis of Timing Constraints in Cyber-Physical Systems Poster / Slides
10:31–10:32 Nikita Zyuzin, Heiko Becker, Eva Darulova and Magnus Myreen Formalisation of Affine Arithmetic in Coq Poster / Slides
10:33–10:34 Jakub Kuderski, Arie Gurfinkel and Jorge Navas Type-aware DSA-Style Points-To Analysis for Low Level Code Poster / Slides
10:35–10:36 Pavel Čadek Upper and Lower Loop Bound Estimation by Symbolic Execution and Loop Acceleration Poster / Slides
10:37–10:38 Anton Xue, Ross Mawhorter, Gian Pietro Farina and Stephen Chong Towards the Formalization and Analysis of R Poster / Slides
10:39–10:40 Maxwell Shinn, Clarence Lehman and Ruzica Piskac Runtime verification of scientific software Poster / Slides
10:41–10:42 Adrian Rebola Pardo A Theory of Satisfiability-Preserving Proofs in SAT Solving Poster / Slides