CS372 Spring 2011 (Approximate) Schedule

Please note: all dates are approximate and subject to change as the semester progresses.
Wk    Date    Topic Reading Lecture

Jan 18

Jan 20

Introduction, Administrative Details

OS Structure


Optional: Silberschatz (OSC) 1,2

1a. Intro and History pdf

1b. Anatomy of an OS and of a process pdf

Due 1/24 HW1    Sol1


2 Jan 25

Jan 27
Threads: Creating and Dispatching

Optional: OSC 3,4
Optional: SW Engineering

2a. Implementing threads pdf

2b. Independent v. cooperating threads pdf


Due Friday, 1/28 Project 1: 'C' basics

Due 1/31 HW2    Sol2


Feb 1

Feb 3

Optional: OSC 6
3a. Too much milk pdf

3b. Hardware synchronization pdf

Due 2/7 HW3    Sol3

4 Feb 8

Feb 10


Multi-threaded programming

Coding Standards for Programming with threads 4a. Semaphores pdf

4b. Monitors pdf

Due Friday, 2/11
Project 2: User Level Threads

Due 2/14 HW4   Sol4

5 Feb 15

Feb 17

Multi-threaded programming


Optional: OSC 7

5a. Synchronization Wrap Up pdf

5b. Deadlock pdf

Due 2/21 HW5    Sol5

6 Feb 22

Feb 24

CPU Scheduling


Optional: OSC 5, 8

6a. CPU Scheduling pdf

6b. Therac-25
Therac 25
NY Times reading (1st 2 pages)

Due Friday, 2/25 Project 3: Threads

Due 2/28 HW6    Sol6


7 Mar 1

Mar 3


Memory protection and translation

Optional: OSC 9

7b. Protection pdf

Due 3/7 HW7    Sol7


8 Mar 8

Mar 10
Memory protection and translation OSC 10

8a1. Address translation and Caching pdf video1 video2
8a2. Translation, protection, sharing pdf

8b1. Replacement, thrashing, and VM pdf
8b2. VM, thrashing, and replacement policies pdf

Due 3/21 HW8    Sol8

9 Mar 14-19 SPRING BREAK      
10 Mar 22

Mar 24


File systems

OSC 13

10a. I/O introduction pdf

10b. File systems: data layout, naming pdf video

Due 3/28 HW9    Sol9

11 Mar 29

Mar 31

File systems


OSC 11, 12

11a. File systems: naming pdf

11b. Transactions pdf video

Due 4/4 HW10    Sol10


Apr 5

Apr 7

Transactions meet file systems

RAID, reliability

OSC 14

12a. lfs lfs.pdf.

12b. Raid & reliability

Due 4/11 HW11    Sol11

13 Apr 12

Apr 14

File system implementation


OSC 10

OSC 15

13a1. File System: caching and in-kernel data structures ps, pdf

13a2. Replacement and Cache State pdf

13b. Midterm 2

Due 4/18 HW12    Sol12

14 Apr 19

Apr 21

Communication Protocols

Distributed Systems

OSC 16, 17

14a. Networks and Distributed Systems pdf

14b. Networks, distributed systems, RPC pdf

Due Friday, 4/22
Project 4, Phase 1: ADisk

Due 4/25 HW13    Sol13


Apr 26

Apr 28

Distributed Systems

OSC 16, 17

15a. Distributed file systems pdf Experimental, low-quality video of lecture

15b. Two generals, two-phase commit, non-blocking commit
part 1: 2 generals, 2pc (pdf)
part 2: 3 phase commit (txt)
lecture: (.m4v)

Due 5/2 HW14    Sol14

16 May 3

May 5
Security OSC 18, 19

16a. Cluster file system (example: Google file system)
reading: The GFS
notes: Google file system (txt)
lecture: (.m4v)

16b. Pitfalls: Security
Reading: Why systems fail
Reading: Trusting trust
Notes: notes

Due Friday, 5/6
Project 4, Phase 2: Reliable File System

HW15    Sol15

  TBD The final exam will be in the time and place scheduled by the Registrar.

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