CS354 - Course Schedule - Fall 2016

TTh 11:00-12:30
GDC 5.302
Don Fussell

Date Topic Reading Coursework
Thursday Aug 25 Introduction    
Tuesday Aug 30 Vector and Affine Math    
Thursday Sept 1 Ray Tracing Project 1 Assigned
Due Sept 22
Tuesday Sept 6 Ray Tracing II    
Thursday Sept 8 Shading  
Tuesday Sept 13 Texture Mapping    
Thursday Sept 15 Antialiased and Accelerated Ray Tracing    
Tuesday Sept 20 Spatial Acceleration Structures    
Thursday Sept 22 Intro to OpenGL    
Tuesday Sept 27 Viewing and Projections    
Thursday Sept 29 Viewing and Modeling Project 2 Assigned
Due Oct 13
Tuesday Oct 4 OpenGL with Shaders    
Thursday Oct 6 Hierarchical Modeling    
Tuesday October 11 Modeling and Scene Graphs    
Thursday October 13 Rotations and Orientation    
Tuesday October 18 Parametric Curves Project 3 Assigned
Due Nov 10
Sample midterm exam
Thursday October 20 Parametric Curves II  
Tuesday October 25 Midterm exam review    
Thursday October 27 Midterm Exam    
Tuesday November 1 Character Animation and Skinning    
Thursday November 3 B Splines and Polar Form    
Tuesday November 8 Subdivision Curves    
Thursday November 10 Parametric Surfaces    
Tuesday November 15 Subdivision Surfaces Final Project Assigned
Due Dec 11, Proposal by Nov 25, Demos on Dec 12
Thursday November 17 Particle Systems
Numerical Solution of ODEs
Tuesday November 22 Guest Lecturer - Etienne Vouga    
Thursday November 24 Thanksgiving    
Tuesday November 29 Overview of GPUs    
Thursday December 1 Vision and Color    

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