The following is a list of topics that are covered. Click on each topic for links to lecture notes and suggested readings. The scribed lecture notes are available here.

Jan 19: Introduction to Lattices

Jan 24: Short Integer Solutions (SIS)

Jan 26: Cryptographic Constructions from SIS

Jan 31: Lattice Trapdoors and Digital Signatures

Feb 2: Preimage-Sampleable Trapdoor Functions

Feb 7: Discrete Gaussian Sampling

Feb 9: Discrete Gaussian Sampling (Continued)

Feb 14: Learning with Errors (LWE)

Feb 16: Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

Feb 21: FHE Bootstrapping

Feb 23: Lattice-Based Key Exchange

Feb 28: Homomorphic Signatures

Mar 2: Homomorphic Signatures and Commitments

Mar 7: Homomorphic Commitments

Mar 9: Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE)

Mar 14: Spring Break (No Class)

Mar 16: Spring Break (No Class)

Mar 21: Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE)

Mar 23: Predicate Encryption (PE)

Mar 28: Functional Encryption (FE)

Mar 30: Succinct Functional Encryption

Apr 4: Designated-Verifier NIZKs

Apr 6: Reusable Designated-Verifier NIZKs

Apr 11: Correlation Intractability and NIZKs

Apr 13: NIZKs from LWE

Apr 18: Multi-Key Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Apr 20: Homomorphic Secret Sharing (HSS)

Apr 25: Distributed Point Functions (DPFs)

Apr 27: Guest Lecture – Brent Waters

May 2: Private Information Retrieval (PIR)

May 4: Course Wrapup: Lattices and Beyond