Schedule for Dahlin's Fall 2008 CS380L: Advanced Operating Systems

Wk Date        Discussion Topic Homework/
Extra Reading
Topic 1: Introduction to Systems Research and Design
1 8/28

1) Review syllabus and HW1. notes
2) Levin, "How to Write a Good Systems Paper"

Lampson, Hints for
Computer System Design
Topic 2: OS Structure and Abstractions
2 a. 9/2
Pre-requisite quiz

Roots of modern OSes > Multics notes
Extra: Corbato and Vyssotsky

HW1 DUE 9/2 in class

The Task of the Referee
(See Dahlin's Advice:)

b. 9/4 Roots of modern OSes >
1) THE (Dijkstra) notes
2) UNIX (Ritchie and Thompson) notes
3 a. 9/9 Minimal abstractions > Scheduler Activations
Scheduler Activations (Anderson et al)  notes  ps
Project: Topic selection (9/9)
b. 9/11 Minimal abstractions > Exokernel
Application performance and Flexibility on Exokernel Systems
(Kaashoek notes
HW2 DUE 9/12
4 a. 9/16 Hypervisors > Disco (Bugnion et al, 1997)  notes Hamming's Advice on Research
b. 9/18 Hypervisors > VMware ESX
Memory Resource Management in VMware ESX Server
(Waldspurger 2002) notes
LESS SW Eng Manual
(Sec 1: mandatory;
   rest optional)
Topic 3: Concurrency
5 a. 9/23 Threads
Read and critique: Mesa (Lampson and Redell)  notes  ps
Read (no critique) From Dahlin's Advice: Programming with Threads
a) Programming with Threads (Birrell)
b) Event-driven Programming for Robust Software (Dabek et. al. 2002)
Project: Proposal (9/23)
b. 9/25 Distributed Systems
Life, Death, and the Critical Transition: Finding Liveness Bugs in Systems Code
(Killian et. al., NSDI 07)
HW3 DUE 9/26
Topic 4: Local File Systems
6 a. 9/30 FFS/Disks
A Fast File System for UNIX
a) LogP performance model
b) Ruemmler and Wilkes 1994
Sermon 1: Simplicity
Sermon 2:
Performance Tuning
b. 10/2
Transaction Concept (Gray 1981)  notes ps
7 a. 10/7 Rethink the Sync Sermon 3;   Sermon 5
b. 10/9 1) LFS Rosenblum and Ousterhout 1992  LFS notes
Ousterhout's critique of Seltzer's 1993 paper
Ousterhout's critique of Seltzer's 1995 paper
Seltzer's response to Ousterhout's critiques
Ousterhout's response to Seltzer

2) ZFS
ZFS: The last word in file systems

HW4 DUE 10/10
8 a. 10/14 Midterm 1 (In class)  
Topic 5: Distributed Storage and Consistency
8 b. 10/16 AFS
(Howard et al, 1988)  AFS notes  ps
9 a. 10/21 Coda
Kistler and Satyanarayanan 1992  Coda notes  ps
From Dahlin's Advice:
Coping with complexity
b. 10/23 Bayou
1) Petersen et al, SOSP-16
2) Terry et al, 1996  Bayou notes  ps
10 a. 10/28 PRACTI Project: Checkpoint (10/28)
Topic 6: Cluster OS
10 b. 10/30 GFS
The Google File System (Ghemawat et. al. 2003)

Extra: Lessons from Giant-Scale Services

From Dahlin's Advice:
The Emperor's Old Clothes
11 a. 11/4 MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters (Dean and Ghemawat 2004) From Dahlin's Advice:
End-to-end Arguments
in System Design
b. 11/6 BigTable: A System for Distributed Structured Storage (Chang et. al. 2006)
webnotes video
12 a. 11/11 SafeStore  
Topic 7: Security
12 b. 11/13 Experience and failures
1) Why Cryptosystems Fail
2) Reflections on Trusting Trust
13 a. 11/18 Authentication
A Logic of Authentication  BAN notes  ps
Take home quiz

Project: Status

b. 11/20 Naming
SDSI 1996   SDSI notes
14 a. 11/25 Distributed Systems
Authentication in Distributed Systems   TAOS notes   ps
Career and general advice
b. 11/27 Thanksgiving Holiday  No class
15 a. 12/2 Engineering principles
1) Abadi and Needham, 1996   Prudent notes
2) Saltzer and Schroeder 1975
Project: Written Report (12/5)
b. 12/4 Midterm 2 (In class)

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August 27, 2008