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CS 395T - Design and Analysis of Security Protocols (54302)

Fall 2004

Lecture notes

  1. Course outline. Needham-Schroeder public-key protocol. Introduction to Murphi.   [PDF]
  2. SSL/TLS case study.   [PDF]
  3. Overview of IP security. Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol and predecessors.   [PDF]
  4. Introduction to process algebra. Modeling security protocols in process calculi.   [PDF]
  5. Just Fast Keying (JFK) protocol.   [PDF]
  6. Security as observational equivalence. JFK protocol in applied pi calculus.   [PDF]
  7. Protocols for anonymity.   [PDF]
  8. Probabilistic model checking.   [PDF]
  9. Probabilistic contract signing.   [PDF]
  10. Compositional protocol logic.   [PDF]
  11. Inductive method. Analyzing SET with the inductive method.   [PDF]
  12. Symbolic constraint solving for security protocols.   [PDF]
  13. Formal definitions of security for symmetric ciphers.   [PDF]
  14. Formal model for secure key exchange. Simulatability-based proofs of protocol security.   [PDF]
  15. Probabilistic polynomial-time process calculus.   [PDF]
  16. Computational soundness of formal models.   [PDF]
  17. Fair exchange and contract signing protocols.   [PDF]
  18. Game-based verification of contract signing protocols.   [PDF]
  19. Universal composability framework (presented by Glen Nuckolls).   [PDF]

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