Date Topic Presenter Demo Papers Items due Slides
18-Jan Course overview          
25-Jan Background in recognition, local feature models     Sivic et al. 2003   pdf
        Fergus et al. 2003    
1-Feb Visual vocabularies Joseph Xin Nowak et al. 2006   pres
        Nister et al. 2006   demo
        Moosmann et al. 2006    
8-Feb Image and video retargeting Harshdeep Adrian Kwatra et al. 2003   pres
        Wolf et al. 2007   demo
        Avidan et al. 2007    
15-Feb Learning about images from keyword-based Web search David Dongliang van de Weijer et al. 2007   pres
        Yeh et al. 2004   demo
        Fergus et al. 2005    
22-Feb Fast indexing methods Dongliang Marc Fraundorfer et al. 2007   pres
        Athitsos et al. 2006   demo
        Shakhnarovich et al. 2003    
29-Feb Faces; initial proposal discussions Newton Harshdeep Viola and Jones 2001   pres
      Maysam Arandjelovic and Cipolla 2006   demo-faces
7-Mar Text/speech and images/video Sonal Joo Hyun Duygulu et al. 2002  Project proposal 3/7 pres
        Everingham et al. 2006   demo
14-Mar Spring break, no class       Proposal reviews 3/12  
21-Mar Exploring images in 3d Maysam Jaechul Snavely et al. 2006   pres
28-Mar Context and background knowledge in recognition Adrian Joseph Torralba 2003   pres
4-Apr Learning distance functions Xin David Frome et al. 2007   pres
11-Apr Detecting abnormal events / video summarization Jaechul / Ben Ben Zhong et al. 2004   pres
        Pritch et al. 2007   pres
18-Apr Place recognition and kidnapped robots Joo Hyun Sonal Se et al. 2005 Rough drafts due 4/18 pres
25-Apr Shape matching; discussion of rough draft reviews Marc Newton Belongie et al. 2002 Reviews on drafts 4/23 pres
          [instructions] demo
2-May Last day of class: project presentations       Final papers 5/2  
Paper reviews are due each week on Thursday by 10 PM.