Account Quotas

Each account has a certain amount of space allocated to it for file storage. This storage includes such things as your mailbox and mail folders, application data, configuration files ("dotfiles"), browser cache, and public web space. Quota limits are set by account type as follows:

  • tmpclass: 2 Gb
  • under: 10 Gb
  • grad: 20 Gb
  • guest: 10 Gb

These quotas cannot be increased. If you need additional space for a project, you should consult with your instructor or advisor, who may own private space you can use. If you have an assigned workstation, you may also request use of local storage on that machine by contacting Such partitions are never backed up.

Checking Disk Usage

You can check your own disk usage by executing this command in your home directory:

du -sk ~/* ~/.??* | sort -n

Sometimes this will show a .Trash folder or browser cache that is full of stuff taking up space.

You can check your disk usage against your quota with the following command: