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Scientific Computing

Scientific computing research is at the intersection of mathematics and computer science, using advanced computing capabilities to solve complex problems.


High-performance dense linear algebra algorithms and implementations
Natural intelligence algorithms
Cosmological visualization
Domain-specific compilers
Domain-specific compilers
Verification of numerical codes
Parallel algorithms
Extreme-scale scientific computing
Performance modelling
Numerical methods and analysis of ODEs and PDEs
Solution of large sparse linear systems
Numerical software
High performance scientific computing
Computational finance
Stochastic models
Stochastic simulation
Effective software for systems of ODEs, DDEs and related problems
Sensitivity analysis of ODE solver

Faculty & Researchers

Professor of Instruction
Associate Professor of Instruction
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Associate Professor
Professor Emeritus
Professor, Oden Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Director, Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences