The staff at UT Computer Science contribute significantly to our department's culture of excellence by providing high-quality, essential support to students, faculty, and administration. Our talented staff are passionate about our vision for higher education and public service.

Monica Aguilar is the senior administrative assistant to the Theory and Algorithms Group at Texas Computer Science.
Monica Aguilar
Senior Administrative Associate, Theory Group
Business Office
(512) 471-9595
GDC 2.314
Anthony oversees fundraising and engagement efforts on behalf of UT Computer Science, working with alumni and friends of the department to secure philanthropic support for students, faculty, and departmental priority initiatives.
Anthony Amettis
Director of Development
External Relations
(512) 232-7476
GDC 2.826
Catherine is a grant administrator supporting artificial intelligence faculty and students.
Catherine Andersson
Senior Administrative Associate
Business Office
GDC 2.322
Morgan oversees the undergraduate advising center and academic advising team.
Morgan Baggiano
Academic Advising Coordinator
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9509
GDC 2.702
Brian designs and develops database-driven web applications to be used by faculty, staff, and students in the department. He maintains and supports department and affiliate websites, content management systems, and other software solutions.
Brian Barry
Technology Services
(512) 471-9593
Alejandra oversees outreach, scholarships, and recruiting and admissions for the department's honors programs.
Alejandra Bernal
Associate Director for Academic Affairs
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9563
GDC 2.720
Megan Bernella works as Salesforce Developer for the UT Computer Science online master's program. Furthermore, Megan supports the department with software integrations and various business applications development.
Megan Bernella
Software Developer
Technology Services
(585) 444-8817
GDC 5.318
Megan is a Senior Administrative support for Programs group; HR Partner and voucher processing for the Artificial Intelligence Lab.
Megan Booth
Senior Administrative Associate
Business Office
(512) 471-9504
GDC 2.314
Gabrielle facilitates operations within the graduate department assisting with the development and implementation of processes ranging from admissions to registration, degree checks, and graduation.
Gabrielle Bouzigard
Graduate Coordinator
Graduate Office
GDC 3.804
Tiffany plans and executes some of the Texas Computer Science summer camps, which introduces high school students to the exciting world of programming, robotics, cybersecurity and more.
Tiffany Buckley
Camp Director
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9523
GDC 2.722
Eric leads the Department of Computer Science online program office. He is responsible for ensuring high quality and successful student outcomes for the Department's online master’s suite, including degree programs in Computer Science, Data Science and other programs to be developed in the future.
Eric Busch
Director for Online Programs
Graduate Office
(512) 471-9523
GDC 2.722
Amy helps maintain the departmental linux machines and servers, as well as the admin and lab Macs. She is the primary administrator of the UTCS HTC cluster, and helps maintain and update the user database. She likes dogs a lot.
Amy Bush
Senior System Administrator
Technology Services
(512) 232-7470
GDC 1.416
Josh provides audio/video support and recordings in classrooms and conference rooms. In addition, he delivers technical support and troubleshooting for the department.
Joshua Byrnes
Project Manager
Facilities Management
(512) 471-9506
GDC 1.402
Michaela is responsible for the planning and management of student focused initiatives including the Accelerated Transfer Program, statewide freshmen recruiting events, and the on-campus summer academies.
Michaela Cicero
Assistant Director for Outreach and Recruitment
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9517
Lainey leads industry relations for Texas Computer Science, focusing on building and strengthening strategic research partnerships, and developing impactful engagement and support for departmental priority initiatives.
Lainey Corliss
Director of Industry & Research Relations
External Relations
(512) 232-7409
GDC 2.824
Carmen oversees the department's student organizations, assists with departmental course scheduling and room reservation system, serves as the undergraduate travel coordinator and provides logistical oversight of undergraduate scholarships and departmental awards such as endowed presidential scholarships.
Carmen Cruz
Student Program Coordinator
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9755
GDC 2.730
Karen drives communications for the Institute for Foundations of Machine Learning (IFML.) From long-form articles highlighting IFML research and researchers, to website content, social posts and events, she uses storytelling across channels to amplify the IFML profile to build awareness and engagement.
Karen Davidson

Communications Coordinator, IFML and MLL

Machine Learning Lab
(512) 913-8957
GDC 4.810
Laurel serves as an undergraduate academic advisor and supports students with professional, academic and personal development. She manages new student orientation for incoming Computer Science students and coordinates the C S Pods program, which are the students' first year learning communities.
Laurel Davis
Senior Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9509
GDC 2.702
Allyson is an HR partner for the computer science department in Workday, handles hourly payroll, and processes payment vouchers and transfer documents. She also monitors and reconciles department accounts.
Allyson Fox
Senior Administrative Associate
Business Office
(512) 471-9766
GDC 2.316
Taylor provides accounting and administrative support as a member of the accounting staff in the computer science department.
Taylor Fraley
Administrative Associate
Business Office
Rebecca provides executive level support to the Chair and Chief of Staff, reviews and approve GDC room reservations, coordinates faculty recruiting, assignments, and onboarding, and assists with the annual promotion and tenure process.
Rebecca French
Executive Assistant
Office of the Department Chair
Business Office
(512) 471-9590
GDC 2.308
Lydia is the Administrative Manager of the CS Accounting department. She oversees all department accounts, approves department documents such as purchase orders, HR assignments, reimbursement and payment vouchers.
Lydia Galavis
Administrative Manager
Business Office
(512) 471-9519
GDC 2.320
Michelle Garel manages operations and projects for Texas Robotics. Her work is focused on IAP, as well as other programs within Texas Robotics.
Michelle Garel

Operations Manager, Texas Robotics

External Relations
AHG 2.328
Patrick sits in a dark office installing linux boxes and ensuring they stay up and running. Patrick also installs user requested software and supports raspberry pi. AFOL.
Patrick Goetz
Senior Systems Administrator
Technology Services
Kirsten manages employer relations for the computer science department, focusing on building strategic partnerships with industry through recruiting, scholarship, and diversity programs. Kirsten also collaborates with corporate partners to build engagement and support for departmental priority initiatives.
Kirsten Goodin
Program Manager, Corporate & Employer Relations
External Relations
(512) 471-9797
GDC 2.820
Kelly manages the administrative and accounting functions of the department.
Kelly Kleiman
Director of Administration
Business Office
(512) 471-9516
GDC 2.312
Matt oversees general infrastructure for Texas Computer Science, including management of the hardware team and computing support. In addition, Matt has oversight of Gates Complex building and facilities.
Matt Larson
Director of Networking and Infrastructure
Facilities Management
(512) 471-9767
GDC 2.322
Mike is a Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist providing administrative and grant support for the Robotics Lab.
Mikkel Leveriza
Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist
Business Office
(512) 471-9562
GDC 3.502
Michelle oversees procurement and inventory for UT Computer Science.
Michelle Lightbourn
Senior Procurement Officer
Procurement Services
(512) 471-9704
GDC 2.822
Dan is the lead software engineer in charge of our core service applications for IAM and academics.
Dan Machold
Senior Software Engineer
Technology Services
(512) 471-9594
GDC 5.306
Catherine serves as an undergraduate academic advisor and supports students with professional, academic and personal development. She also oversees the Elements of Computing certificate for all students at UT Austin.
Catherine Mason
Associate Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Office
GDC 2.704
Anai provides administrative support for corporate partnerships and alumni activities as a member of the Office of External Affairs within UT Computer Science.
Anai Moreno
Administrative Assistant
External Relations
GDC 2.806
Kathryn works in the online master’s programs for both Computer Science and Data Science. She is responsible for all financial aspects of the online programs. This means she is responsible for invoicing the students and coordinating registration efforts.
Kathryn Murphy
Assistant Director for Online Programs
Graduate Office
Staci manages all written and visual communications for UT Computer Science.
Staci Norman
Marketing Manager
Marketing & Communications
(512) 471-9753
GDC 5.310
Heidi is a grant administrator supporting faculty and students in the Center for Information Assurance and Security.
Heidi O'Hora
Senior Administrative Associate
Business Office
(512) 471-9773
GDC 2.322
Maria works in the online master’s programs for both Computer Science and Data Science. She is responsible for all prospective applicant inquiries, managing the applications, coordinating application information to the admissions committee, sending admission decisions, and coordinating with Levan to onboard new online master’s students.
María Fernanda Palomares Carranco
Online Programs Graduate Coordinator
Graduate Office
Jayvin provides a warm and welcoming environment for students to ask questions regarding their academic planning and progress. He provides guidance in understanding and achieving academic requirements in order for students to complete their degree and achieve their academic and professional goals.
Jayvin Patel
Assistant Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9509
GDC 2.702
Allie provides academic development and support for the undergraduate student body. Her main objective is to provide students with a clear pathway to graduation and the academic tools necessary for a successful college career. She also oversees the 5 Year BS/MS Program within the department.
Allie Quill
Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9508
GDC 2.702
Doug is responsible for developing and managing UT Computer Science's academic programs and initiatives. He oversees the department's teaching plan, TA and undergraduate TA assignments, course scheduling, and lecturer and adjunct hiring process.
Doug Roberts
Assistant Director for Academic Programs and Planning
Undergraduate Office
(512) 471-9509
GDC 2.702
Tim works in the online master’s programs for both Computer Science and Data Science. He is responsible for on-boarding all new graduate students, responding to all online graduate student inquiries, setting up degree profiles and matching courses when it is time for graduation, assists with a students change in enrollment status and collaborates with Kathryn with registration.
Tim Schriewer
Online Programs Graduate Coordinator
Graduate Office
Justine creates a welcoming environment where students can discuss their educational options, concerns, and goals, helping student with the development of their educational plan and the many resources available to them.
Justine Stroemer
Academic Advisor
Undergraduate Office
Scott provides general facilities and staff support. He implements hardware installation and configuration. He also provides support for the development and installation of research labs.
Scott Sutcliffe
Computer Systems Development Specialist
Facilities Management
Perry is responsible for the installation, management, and support of Linux machines in the department. He manages the departmental phone and print services.
Perry Thompson
Systems Administrator II
Technology Services
Joe supervises the technical staff in the Department of Computer Science. He oversees all facility, infrastructure, information, and technology concerns for the department. He also acts as the department’s technical liaison to campus as a member of the Information Technology Leadership Council.
Joseph Trent
Director of Technology and Facilities
Facilities Management
Technology Services
(512) 471-9743
GDC 2.322
India manages alumni and industry affiliates for the computer science program, focusing on engagement opportunities and stewardship. Additionally, she works with faculty, alumni, and partners to build campaigns to support Texas Computer Science students, programs, and priority initiatives.
India West
Program Coordinator, Alumni & Constituent Relations
External Relations
(512) 232-0796
GDC 2.814
Shane manages the core services for the department (Mail, IAM, Web, File storage). He also evaluates new technologies, and manages our service and network architecture for availability and reliability.
Shane Williams
Senior Technology Architect
Technology Services
GDC 5.308
Brent oversees general operations within Computer Science and is responsible for ensuring that support is in place to execute on the strategic priorities of the Chair. He manages all departmental staff and directly supervises the staff team affiliated with the department's academic mission.
Brent Winkelman
Chief of Staff
Office of the Department Chair
Undergraduate Office
Graduate Office
(512) 963-1909
GDC 2.718