Application of mathematical methods across the biological sciences
Cognitive science
Computational and predictive medicine
Computational neuroscience
Big data methods for genome sequencing
Biological data mining
Biomechanics for vehicle design
Biomedical imaging
Comparative RNA sequence analysis
Fast numerical and statistical algorithms
Favorable multi-molecular and cellular complexes prediction search/scoring engines
Fractals for biomedical image analysis
fMRI technology
Grounded language representation
Health Informatics
Language semantics
Learning to extract knowledge from biomedical literature
Neural network models of natural language processing and vision
Phenomenological models
Predicting gene-disease associations
Statistical analysis and interrogative visualization of neuronal form-function
Understanding how the human brain processes language

Faculty & Researchers

Faculty & Researchers
Affiliated & Emeritus
Assistant Professor
Professor, Oden Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor, Oden Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences
Professor, Oden Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering

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