Computer science is at the intellectual forefront of the digital revolution that will define the 21st century. That revolution is in its infancy but is visible all around us. New scientific, economic and social paradigms are arising from computing science and being felt across all sectors of the economy and society at large.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin is a recognized leader in the creation of scientific knowledge and practical technologies that are defining this historic transformation. Our mission is to supply the people and ideas that will shape this new frontier.

The jobs of tomorrow will use technologies not yet invented. Many of the software and hardware tools that enable these technologies are being invented by our faculty and students. Such innovation requires dedication to learning, in the classroom, in the research laboratory, and throughout one's professional career.

Scientific discovery and technological innovation require mastery of the fundamentals of computing science as well as mastery of practical technical skills.

At the Department of Computer Science, we offer a unique educational opportunity for students to achieve excellence in both through rigorous classes and participation in cutting edge research.

UTCS Code of Conduct

We in the UTCS community will act with:


We will respect others’ viewpoints and experiences.  We will speak with kindness, lead with empathy, and approach discussions with our colleagues with trust.


We will maintain integrity in our actions, including those related to our academic, professional, and personal selves.


We will seek to be aware of how our actions affect others, including the larger social impact of everything we create or to which we contribute.  We will be aware that everyone travels different paths, leading to different experiences.