Assuming you want more than wireless networking, you have two options. One is only intended for short-term visitors and students such as undergrads without offices. These users can use Horatio with the public DHCP network jacks located in the public UNIX lab in GDC 3.302 and they should have ethernet cables already attached.

For longer term / office usage, we are happy to offer you a static IP address or a DHCP address.  For DHCP, all non-assigned walljacks in GDC are already setup for access to horatio.  It is very important that you never disconnect any network or power cable, please submit a helpreq if you need a cabling change or a machine moved.

For those wanting a static IP address, we'll need the following submitted in a helpreq:

  1. A requested hostname (the domain will be
  2. Computer vendor make/model (e.g. Dell/Precision-007n).
  3. The location of the computer (e.g. GDC 3.302j).  Please don't say something like Prof Smith's Laboratory.
  4. The walljack number. Walljacks are generally arranged in 2x3 blocks, numbered left to right, top to bottom. To determine which is the lowest numbered jack, you may need to tilt your head.
  5. Operating system(s).
  6. Name of computer's owner (i.e. who paid for it).
  7. Name of the system administrator for this machine. This will be the technical contact and will be expected to respond quickly and knowledgeably to reports of security violations and other types of abuse. They are expected to install, encrypt, and maintain the computer in a responsible manner without requiring staff assistance.
  8. The name of the Primary User of the machine if different from the system administrator.
  9. The UTID, if owned by the university. This will be a six digit identifier. It will appear on a tag attached to the computer.
  10. If there is no UTID, then we will tag the machine with a CSID tag as part of the helpreq.
  11. Please provide the vendor's serial number. This is typically on the back of a computer, sometimes identified by "SN".

In order to have a machine on the Department network, you must be able to install, encrypt, and maintain that machine with little or no help from the department technical staff.  In the case of some research groups, there may already be someone able to help you do this, please ask around and list them as the system administrator (7), and yourself as the primary user (8).  Make sure you copy them on the helpreq.

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