The Ph.D. is a research degree. Our Ph.D. students also take courses, which give them the foundation on which to build their research programs. However, the overriding goal of the Ph.D. program is to show students how to conduct outstanding research. We expect all our Ph.D. students to become involved in research within their first semester (see Research Immersion below) and continue their involvement throughout their time at UT. To understand how our Ph.D. students are involved in our research activities, browse our research web pages.

As a consequence of early immersion in research, our Ph.D. students are often already recognized in the wider research community well before they graduate. They regularly travel to conferences, present papers, and often receive best paper awards.

Interested in applying? Visit our Prospective Students page for information about applying to our program.

Most Ph.D. students receive financial support from the department. Please see the financial information page for more information about this.