Code Longhorn


First Bytes and Code Longhorn are canceled for 2020. We are offering applicants an opportunity to join our Texas Computer Science Summer Academy.

Texas Computer Science Summer Academy is a free program offered to students who applied for First Bytes or Code Longhorn. The Summer Academy will consist of pre-recorded short videos released daily from June 15 - June 25.


Camp Directors Tiffany Buckley and Mary Esther Middleton have worked for the Department of Computer Science for 15+ years on summer camps, admissions, enrollment, student organizations and diversity initiatives.

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Before my senior year of high school, I still had no idea where I wanted to go to college, or what I wanted to major in. I was interested in coding as a hobby, but had really never considered making it my career. At Code Longhorn, however, I had the chance to talk to students and professors who could tell me exactly what it was like to study computer science and make it into a career. Seeing these people and seeing the amazing UT Computer Science facilities really was the biggest factor in drawing me to this field, and I made friends that I still have today.

-- Chris Nunes, Freshman UTCS 2017


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