The following is a list of topics that will be covered. Click on each topic for links to lecture notes, recordings, and suggested readings. Lecture notes and recordings will only be available after the lecture.

Aug 25: Overview of Cryptography

Aug 30: Semantic Security and PRGs

Sep 1: PRG Composition and Hybrid Arguments

Sep 6: Labor Day (No Class)

Sep 8: Stream Cipher Candidates and Block Ciphers

Sep 13: Using Block Ciphers

Sep 15: Block Cipher Constructions

Sep 20: Message Integrity

Sep 22: Collision-Resistant Hash Functions

Sep 27: Collision-Resistant Hash Functions: Attacks and Constructions

Sep 29: HMAC, Authenticated Encryption, and CCA Security

Oct 4: Authenticated Encryption

Oct 6: Symmetric Cryptography through One-Way Functions

Oct 11: Secure Key Agreement and Prime-Order Groups

Oct 13: The Discrete Logarithm Problem

Oct 18: Public-Key Encryption

Oct 20: PRFs from Discrete Log

Oct 25: Introduction to Composite-Order Groups

Oct 27: Public-Key Cryptography from RSA

Nov 1: Authenticated Key Exchange

Nov 3: Post-Quantum Cryptography

Nov 8: Signatures from Hash Functions

Nov 10: Identification Protocols

  • Topics (Lecture Notes, Video)

    • Identification protocols and threat models

    • Password storage and management

    • One-time passwords (SecurID, TOTP, S/Key)

    • Challenge-response authentication and active security

  • References

Nov 15: Interactive Proofs

Nov 17: Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Nov 22: Proofs of Knowledge

Nov 24: Thanksgiving Holidays (No Class)

Nov 29: Non-Interactive Proofs and ECDSA

Dec 1: Succinct Non-Interactive Arguments (SNARGs)

Dec 6: SNARGs from Linear PCPs