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The University of Texas at Austin will work with an availability services provider to form a Cloud Computing Research Center on their campus in order to research issues with the cloud and develop solutions to those problems.

An executive committee of two of the university's faculty members and two executives from the services provider will look to guide the research program. One of the first projects the university and the provider will focus on may be the development of a cloud with exabyte-scale capacity.

"Partnering with an industry and cloud computing leader ... allows us to conduct research that can truly further the state of the art," said Bruce Porter, Chair and professor of Computer Science at UT Austin.

Areas that could be affected by the research include mobile computing, networking, identity verification, fraud prevention and encryption, among others, according to Peter Key of the Philadelphia Business Journal. The university said the results of the research will be released and commercialized when it is appropriate to do so. 

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Please give me information regarding scholarship for India students to continue their research in Cloud Computing. Thanks!
Kirti, Thank you for your comment. The Department of Computer Science offers many scholarships for undergraduate students and about half of them are open to international students.
Hi, I am applying for Masters on computer science and am looking for opportunities for research facilities in cloud computing. Does utaustin has cloud computing research group? Thanks
Hi, Vishwanath. We don't have a cloud computing student group, but we do faculty and grad students doing research and studies in cloud computing. You might find this link helpful:
hi, I am an undergrade student and wanna work in the research field in cloud computing as an research intern at UofT to complelte my 6 months thesis term. Please consider me to include for the same.
Hi, Salim. Thank you for your interest in UTCS. For information on applying to our graduate program, please contact and see the Graduate section of our website.
Hi, I want to do MS in cloud computing. Does UT,Austin offers Master's degree in Cloud Computing ? Actually, I come to know about a course "CS378 Cloud Computing" in UTA but that page is not opening. So just want to know about the course in Cloud Computing which offers Master's degree.
Hi, Gaurav. Thank you for your interest in UTCS. For information on applying to our graduate program, please contact and see the Graduate section of our website.
Hello Staci. I'm an undergraduate at UT pursuing a degree in computer engineering. I'm interested in meeting some of the faculty who do research in cloud computing to ask some questions. Would you be able to give me names of some professors/grad students who would be willing to help out?
Hi, Yousef. Thank you for your interest in our research. I cannot directly facilitate this for you, but and might help you find what you are looking for. If you are interested in an interdisciplinary degree or education, then I suggest contacting our advising office at

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