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Please see the department website for more information. 

The UT Department of Computer Science offers informational tours for its undergraduate computer science programs throughout the year, including an honors tour focusing on the Turing Scholars program as well as Texas CSB (CS + Business honors).

During your time on campus, you will have the opportunity to tour our state-of-the-art computer science facilities, attend a class, meet with an academic advisor, chat with a current student, and, if you sign up for the honors tour, visit with Professor Calvin Lin, the Director of the Turing Scholars program.

Students interested in honors visits are encouraged to come in the Fall when they can attend a first-year honors course. Spring visitors will need to visit a traditional, rather than an honors, class. Note that during the Spring semester, priority is given to admitted students.

Please visit the CS website for more information and to schedule a tour.

How do I apply?

High school seniors can apply to the Turing Scholars Honors Program alongside the standard UT Austin application, as long as they select Computer Science as either their first or second choice major. The honors application process includes short-answer questions and an expanded resume and can be completed within the ApplyTexas or Common Application, or on UT Austin's MyStatus page after submission of the UT Austin application.

We're looking for highly motivated students with strong math and science backgrounds. A demonstrated interest in computer science through classes or personal projects is a plus, and evidence of leadership as exhibited by significant extracurricular involvement is also helpful.

For more information about applying to freshman honors, visit the Texas Admissions page.

For Current UT Students

If you are interested in joining the Turing Scholars Honors Program and have excelled in your current CS and math courses at UT, please consider the following options:

Join the Turing Scholars program

Current CS majors can apply for admission to the Turing Scholars Honors Program at the end of each semester by submitting an online application and then emailing a resume to the address on the online application.  Applications will be accepted through May 17, 2024 for students wanting to begin the program in Fall 2024.

Enroll in individual honors courses

Our CS honors courses typically have a limited number of spaces available for non-Turing Scholars. Enrollment in honors courses is particularly useful for students who wish to transfer into the Turing Scholars Program, since they give the admissions committee an excellent way to evaluate your potential.

To apply, you should submit a separate request for each CS honors course that you wish to take, since the decisions are made by the individual faculty members who teach the course. In some cases, faculty may ask you to also make an appointment for an interview.