Student Organizations

The richness of your undergraduate experience is based not only on academics (such as your courses and research) or your career preparation, but also in your engagement the life of the CS department and the UT campus.  Faculty members create courses and organize curricula, but students define other important facets of the CS undergraduate experience.  We encourage you to try out the activities and events organized by CS and other student organizations. 

CS Student Organizations

There are multiple UTCS organizations for undergraduate students. 

  • Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter (ACM) is the oldest organization for students studying and academics and professionals working in the field of computer science. 
  • Association of Black Computer Scientists (ABCS) seeks to create paths to educational and professional success in computer science for Black and other underrepresented students.
  • CS Roadshow visits local schools to share information about computing and computing careers. 
  • CSBA (Computer Science and Business Association) is an honors program serving students in both the Canfield Business Honors Program and the Computer Science Honors Program.
  • Computer Science Transfers’ Society (CSTS) supports Computer Science transfer students by providing a community for new and existing transfer students and giving aid to prospective transfer students.
  • Electronic Game Developers Society (EGaDS!) is for students interested in computer and video game development.
  • Engineering and Computational Learning of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics (ECLAIR) advances innovation in robotics by exploring areas such as autonomy, reinforcement learning, and sim2real.
  • Freetail Hackers plans several hackathons each year, including HackTX, a 24-hour event for UT students to learn and explore technology.
  • Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists (HACS) seeks to empower Hispanic students by providing opportunities to engage in leadership, networking and mentoring with peers, faculty and professionals in the area of computer science.
  • Information and Systems Security Society (ISSS) teaches students about security and privacy through talks, workshops, and Capture the Flag competitions (CTFs).
  • Q++ promotes the academic success, social enrichment and community building for LGBTQ+ people in tech at UT. 
  • The Quantum Collective is UT Austin’s central hub for all things Quantum dedicated to making quantum sciences accessible to undergraduate students from all backgrounds.
  • TX Convergent fosters collaboration within a multidisciplinary student body through hands-on projects, comprehensive education, and open-source philanthropic endeavors.
  • Texas Product Engineering Organization (TPEO) teaches students skills in software engineering, UI/UX design, and product management in order to build software products that solve real-world problems in the Austin community.
  • Turing Scholars Student Association (TSSA) is the student organization for the Turing Scholars honors program.
  • UTCS Ambassadors organize visits to the department for high school students interested in pursuing a UTCS degree.
  • UTCS Competitive Programming Club represents UT at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.
  • Women in Computer Science (WiCS) is a group of women and men who work to empower women in computer science and provide a supportive community to engage in both academic and social events.

The College of Natural Sciences, of which CS is a part, has more than 50 student organizations in which CS students also participate.  UT has more than 1,000 active student organizations, which are coordinated by the Dean of Students Office.  

Contact for additional information on UTCS student organizations.