The Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) program is designed for students who have completed a bachelor's degree in computer science and want to further their studies. Admission to the program is highly selective with a limited number of openings and many strong applicants each year. Only applicants who possess a bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent are likely to be competitive for admission.

On-Campus Research Track Degree Options

The department offers two on-campus Master's degree options for students interested in pursuing a research career: the MSCS with thesis and the MSCS no thesis/no report. Both degrees require 30 hours of coursework. The no thesis/no report option is defined by more organized coursework than the thesis option, which requires 2 thesis classes. Students admitted to the Master's program do not need to declare which degree they intend to pursue. Students apply to receive the degree in the semester they complete the requirements for the option they chose.

Online Professional Degree Programs

For students seeking a professional master's degree, the department offers three master’s degrees in an online format. Taught by UT faculty, many of whom are award-winning leaders in the CS research community, these programs provide a flexible learning environment while fostering personal engagement between professors and students. By the end of any of these programs, students will have gained the skills needed to accelerate their careers in their related field.

Students seeking a professional degree are strongly urged to apply to one of our online programs, which have a much higher capacity than on-campus programs.

Online Master’s in Computer Science

The online Master of Science in Computer Science program is primarily designed for working professionals and those planning a career in industry who have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical field and want to broaden and deepen their knowledge. 

Online Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (MSAI) students will receive advanced training in natural language processing, reinforcement learning, computer vision, deep learning and related topics. The degree will provide a critical framework for understanding the ethical implications of AI technologies and equip students for an array of potential career opportunities – from engineering to research and development, and product management to consulting.

Online Master’s in Data Science

UT Computer Science has partnered with the Department of Statistics and Data Science to offer an online Master of Science in Computer Science program (MSDS). The MSDS program supplies rigorous instruction to expand your expertise in areas such as advanced systems design, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Interested in applying?

Ph.D. Students Pursuing a Master's

Ph.D. students may also pursue the research-track on-campus MSCS degree as long as it does not interfere with their pursuit of the doctorate.