The Masters program is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of two kinds of students: those who have just completed an undergraduate degree in computer science and want to further their studies, and those with degrees in areas other than CS who seek to broaden their education in the discipline. For admission to the program, however, even those with non-CS degrees must have a strong enough background in CS courses that the admissions committee can make educated judgments about their potential for success in a graduate program. The extent of the background coursework that is required is a decision made by the admissions committee.

The department offers two Masters degree options: the MSCS with thesis and the MSCS no thesis/no report. Both degrees require 30 hours of coursework. The no thesis/no report option is defined by more organized coursework than the thesis option, which requires 2 thesis classes. Students admitted to the Masters program do not need to declare which degree they intend to pursue. Students apply to receive the degree in the semester they complete the requirements for the option they chose.

Students who first enrolled prior to Fall 2009 may elect to graduate under the requirements of the Fall 2005 - Spring 2009 degree requirements. Contact the graduate office for details.

Ph.D.'s Students Pursuing a Master's

Ph.D. students may also pursue the M.S.C.S. degree as long as it does not interfere with their pursuit of the doctorate. The course requirements for an M.S.C.S., other than the two additional courses for a minor, are a subset of those for the Ph.D. Ph.D. students must obtain approval of both the graduate adviser and research supervisor before taking a minor course.

  1. Send an email to the graduate adviser with a scholarly justification for choosing the minor course(s). 
  2. Ask your research supervisor to send an email to the graduate adviser approving the minor course(s) choice.