Graduate courses are divided into two groups:

  1. Diversity courses can be used to satisfy the diversity requirements of either the Ph.D. or the Masters degree. They may also be used as part of a student's depth or elective program.
  2. Non-diversity CS courses can be used to fulfill depth or elective requirements.

A full listing of all of the department's graduate classes can be found in the CS section of the University's Graduate Catalogue. One course deserves special mention here: CS 395T is a topics course. Each semester, the faculty offer CS 395T sections on a variety of topics that span their research interests. For examples of recent topics, look at the 395T section of the listing of class home pages. Note that CS 395T is different from CS 395 (Conference Course).

NOTE:  Students who first enrolled prior to January 2006 may choose to graduate under the former Ph.D. Program.