• UT Computer Science offers a variety of very distinct, one-week virtual summer academies for rising high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors designed to intrigue students with the potential of computing and the excitement of problem solving through unique hands on experiences in learning computer science.


Our application-based academies are free programs focused on increasing diversity and inclusion in STEM. Participants will be introduced to the world of computer science, including gaining experience in programming. Students will work in groups to program patterns into simulated strands of lights and create a virtual lightshow that “dances” to music, as well as participate in team-building activities, educational sessions, and recreation.

  • academy for women shield with silhouette of ada lovelace on backdrop of gears and network connections

    Academy for Women

    More than half the population consists of women, but only 26% of computer scientists are women. The Academy for Women is designed to tackle this gender gap and increase inclusivity in STEM for young women. You must be a Texas resident to apply.

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    Academy for All

    The Academy for All is focused on tackling diversity, equity, and inclusion barriers in STEM for students from historically underrepresented populations (Black, LatinX, and Native American students) You must be a Texas resident to apply.

Our application-based academies are made possible in part by our Diversity @ UTCS partners


Our tuition-based academies are for high school students looking to focus on a specific area of computer science.

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    Academy for Robotics

    The Robotics Academy is a one-week program for high school students in 9-12 grades designed to immerse students in the world of robotics and computer science and excite them about the potential and power of computing. The academy provides a chance for students to interact with faculty and industry partners and an opportunity to meet with admissions and learn about applying to UT.

  • iOS shield with mobile devices and a lightbulb for ideas

    Academy for iOS App Development

    The Academy for iOS App Development is a one-week camp program for high school students in 9-12 grades.  Here you’ll learn advanced features of Swift and Xcode to create simple apps for the iPhone and iPad and install them on your personal device.  You will need a Mac computer, webcam and microphone, and internet access. This academy is geared toward students with prior experience with object oriented programming and a working knowledge of the Swift programming language.

  • game development shield with game controller, mouse, and tools

    Academy for Game Development

    The Academy for Game Development is a one-week camp program for high school students in 9-12 grades. Here you’ll learn to explore the world of game development, gaining experience in programming, art, and design. This academy is suitable for students with all experience levels, from those who have never programmed before to those who already have some experience.

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If you have any questions, please direct them to academies@cs.utexas.edu.