Students who excel academically during their time at UT will be recognized both at graduation and at specially organized honors events throughout their tenure at the University.

But Honors at UT in CS isn’t just a passive process during which great grades are accumulated. We offer special programs designed to challenge our best students and to offer them the opportunity to get involved in the cutting edge research that makes UTCS a world-class department.

Texas Honors Computer Science and Business

Texas Honors Computer Science and Business (Texas CSB), a new integrated honors degree program between the Business Honors Program and the Department of Computer Science. Texas CSB provides a rigorous four-year undergraduate curriculum aimed at preparing students for top technology careers.

UT's Computer Science and Business Honors programs are both widely recognized as ranking among the top ten programs in their respective fields, both nationally and internationally. Combined, the two programs offer distinct benefits for students with strong quantitative and technical skills looking toward careers in today's tech-focused business world. This program provides a home for a wide range of students—from aspiring entrepreneurs to students interested in data analytics, marketing analytics, financial engineering, and leadership roles in tech companies.

Turing Scholars

The Turing Scholars program combines the advantages of a small college—small class sizes, close interaction with faculty, and honors housing—with the advantages of a large research university, including a large variety of undergraduate and graduate courses and the opportunity to get involved in research.

Most students in the program are admitted from high school. They arrive at UT and are immediately immersed in a set of accelerated classes. Outstanding current students are also invited to apply. To graduate as a Turing Scholar requires completion of an Honors Thesis.

Students who are not in the Turing Scholars Program may petition to take individual honors courses by visiting the following advising forms web page.

Students who are not planning to graduate as Turing Scholars but who wish to complete an Honors Thesis and to be recognized for their academic achievements may be eligible to graduate with Special Departmental Honors in Computer Science.

Application information for the Computer Science Turing Scholars program:

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