09/17/2017 - These past few days have been quite the recruiting experience. Usually, whenever I think about recruiting, my mind does a double take because of the mixed feelings I have about the whole process - spending days upon days perfecting a resume, reading and writing dozens of emails to various companies, and receiving the sad but real amount of rejections post first-round interview all the way till final interview. Basically, a roller coaster of emotions (definitely a lot of good times though). Read more
09/11/2017 - What is your vision? Why do you do what you do? --- Greetings y'all, hope everyone's summer has been an experience to remember! Whether it was taking classes, doing an internship, scrolling through Facebook, or resting - good, bad, or a roller coaster of emotions, my hope is that you were able to have a few key takeaways from whatever you ended up doing! You can always learn from whatever you've done. Read more
04/01/2017 - When I came to college, I didn't really come with much passion for CS. Sure, I came in with a lack of clarity in what the future held and a bright amount of curiosity as a freshman. I had a far-reaching desire outside of class to try out new things, scour the school for free food and shirts at events, and traverse through many different orgs surrounding the inner campus. But when it came to programming, I had considered it more of a matter-of-fact chore to do. Having taken CS classes in high school, I assumed much of programming to be self-explanatory. Read more

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