04/30/2018 - Thoughts on Last Blog Post It feels weird to consider this my last blog post for the semester, if not for the rest of my college career. Unfortunately, I will not be a blogger for the following year due to many circumstances, and though it is abrupt and sad, I do not consider it as a bad thing. Rather, I'd like to consider it an opportunity to share one last constructed ramble of life lessons and expressive reflection before I head off to whatever the future has in store. I hope you enjoy. Reflection Read more
04/25/2017 - As finals are coming up, and deadlines for projects approach along the horizon, I have found that I am guilty of procrastination on so many levels. Procrastinating occurs through habit, mindless action, and/or intentional avoidance of responsibility. Whether watching a late night show of celebrities doing peculiar acts, reading blog posts, or surfing Facebook on the latest memes or doggo content, I've found procrastinating to be focused on activities that have some to little/no value in the moment. Read more

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