All Faculty and staff mailboxes are located in the departmental office, GDC 2.304. Graduate student mailboxes are located in the Graduate Lounge, GDC 4.202.

Campus mail is delivered once a day, Monday-Friday by the University Mail Service (UMS). Campus mail envelopes are located in the GDC copy room.

UMS also picks up outgoing departmental mail relating to official university business identified by departmental letterhead envelopes and labels for large mailing envelopes. Official letterhead envelopes and labels are restricted for faculty and staff use. Please see the receptionist in GDC 2.302 for official letterhead envelopes. The drop box for campus mail and outgoing business mail is located in GDC 2.302.

United States Post Office mail is received once day, Monday-Friday in the main department office, GDC 2.302. It is distributed to faculty, staff and graduate mailboxes accordingly. For convenience only, a letterbox is located in GDC 2.302 for outgoing personal stamped USPO mail. However, to assure delivery of important personal mail it’s advisable that individuals place their mail in regularly designated USPO mailboxes.

Express mail (DHL, Federal Express) is received in GDC 2.302. An email is sent to the recipient as soon as it’s received. The package will be held in the main office. Please don’t leave packages overnight.

To send an official university business express mail/package, please contact, or ask the receptionist for a pre-printed departmental waybill. The faculty/staff sender must list their name in the reference box for proper routing of the charge against a grant and verification of the sender. The department doesn’t allow shipment of personal express mail packages on department waybills.