Please contact the Purchasing Office at via email at with questions about the purchasing process, quotes or general information.

To generate a purchasing request use the department’s purchasing system

  • Contracts, License Agreements etc - In general, no staff, faculty member, Dean or Chairperson has the authority to solicit, select or obligate the University of Texas at Austin in any contractual matter or sign an agreement. Please route these types of documents to the Purchasing Office for processing and allow at least 4 weeks minimum for University review and approval.
  • Per University policy, purchase of goods and services requires the issuance of a purchase order, the issuance of a contract, or the use of a department’s procurement card.  Purchases made by faculty, staff, and students using personal funds are not authorized and will not be reimbursed.   Exceptions to this policy must be submit to the CS Purchasing Office at

Please note: the University, as a state entity, cannot reimburse tax on items purchased by an individual in an emergency situation so we request that you contact the Purchasing Office if you have questions about equipment, goods and services.