The Texas Computer Science Office of External Affairs is charged with overseeing the identity and brand of the department. How and when our wordmarks are used is an important part of this responsibility.

Generally, TXCS constituents (students, faculty, research centers, etc.) may use a TXCS wordmark on printed pieces without prior authorization, but they may not make alterations or additions to a wordmark. Wordmarks on promotional items, such as T-shirts, caps and pens, require prior authorization by the TXCS Office of External Affairs.

The TXCS wordmark should only be used for purposes, events and publications that officially relate to the department and the university. No use is permitted other than that explicitly authorized, and no release is permitted to any other third party without the expressed, written permission of the Department of Computer Science.

The wordmark may not be used for the commercial profit of outside organizations or ventures. Such use could be fraudulent and may constitute grounds for prosecution. Examples of acceptable uses include external publications referring to the department in a journalistic capacity; department-related functions with corporate partners; publicity and publications of affiliated research centers; publications, banners, and memorabilia for alumni networks.

External Wordmark Use

External wordmark use refers to wordmarks on marketing, publicity, promotional items, advertising or items such as brochures, fliers, newsletters, letterhead, business cards, postcards, information folders, product packaging and promotional items, including T-shirts, caps, pens, stickers, decals, etc. Pre-approval is required for any such use.

Send a final copy of the design to the TXCS Office of External Affairs. Please allow two to four working days for approval.

Promotional Item Approval Process

Promotional items such as T-shirts, caps, pens, stickers, and decals, you must obtain pre-approval from TXCS Office of External Affairs when you use:

  • the Texas Computer Science wordmark, or
  • text using the words “Department of Computer Science” or "Texas Computer Science"

Approval by the Office of External Affairs is required before a purchase order will be issued. If these procedures are not followed, there is a strong possibility your order will not be printed and/or the vendor’s invoice will not be paid by the department.

Working with your vendor, send a request for approval with a full (front and back) drawing of your design (a .pdf or .jpg as an attachment is preferred) showing placement of official wordmarks and other artwork and text to the TXCS Office of External Affairs. You may submit the request and draft of your product to Staci Norman by e-mail at, by campus mail at D9500. Please allow 8-10 business days for the process.

If the item is approved with changes, the vendor will make the necessary changes and proceed with production. There is no need to submit a revised drawing unless directed by the Office of External Affairs.

If a revised design is required, your vendor should submit the design directly to the Office of External Affairs.